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Garden Maintenance

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Garden Maintenance Gold Coast

Our Garden Maintenance Gold Coast team is passionate about making your garden dreams come true.  With Sarge you’re always guaranteed quality and professional work.

We have provided Garden Maintenance Gold Coast services for gardens of all shapes and sizes and because that we’d love to help you transform your outdoor space into an elegantly designed living space. We listen carefully to our clients to determine their exact needs and give them the garden of their dreams.


Sarge’s Mowing & Garden Maintenance Gold Coast can provide many maintenance services for your Home, Business or Commercial Property.

• Laying Turf
• Lawn Mowing
• Hedge Trimming
• Palms Cleaned
• Weed Spraying
• Rubbish Removal
• General Maintenance
• Gutter Cleaning
• Pressure Cleaning (paths & driveways)

Tree / Shrub Removal or Pruning

If you need small trees removed or trimmed back, call Sarge’s Mowing & Maintenance. We can remove the dangerous branches or trees that may be impacting on your house, fence or gardens. All waste will be recycled.


Mulching and Landscaping Gold Coast

We don’t only do lawns we do Landscaping Gold Coast. We can also take care of your garden beds and give them a makeover removing weeds, dead branches and even replanting for you. Sarge’s Mowing & Garden Maintenance Gold Coast recommends mulching the garden beds using bark or a product of your liking to conserve water and create a great appearance and street appeal.


New turf

Laying turf correctly is very important and we have the skills and experience to get your new grass installed correctly, our process includes


  • Soil Preparation
  • Levelling
  • Soil Improvement
  • Laying
  • Watering
  • Compacting/Rolling
  • Top Dressing
  • Fertiliser

Pressure Cleaning

Do you have unsightly algae, dirt or cobwebs around your home, entertaining area or paths? Pro Cut operators can pressure clean your exterior walls, driveway etc to remove the dirt and algae and leave your home sparkling clean.
Have a commercial property or residential complex that needs maintaining? We can clean your exterior walls, common areas, BBQ area, pool surrounds, parking bays etc to keep your property clean, safe and presentable.

Hedge Trimming & Pruning

Hedges are a great feature of any property, whether as a sculptured piece of art or simply to create some privacy.

The benefits of regular hedge trimming, and pruning include healthier plants, thicker foliage and, of course will keep your garden looking neat and tidy. To get the best out of them they need to be trimmed properly. Hedge trimming should be done on a regular basis for the best result, especially when the hedge is new and still growing to its preferred size. Trimming the hedge will make it grow thicker, look better and provide more privacy.

Whatever the size, Sarge’s Mowing & Maintenance have the equipment and experience to get your hedges, shrubs, and small trees back in shape!

Green Waste & Rubbish Removal

Pile of green waste, building rubbish or old furniture building up in the backyard?

Sarge’s Mowing & Maintenance can give you back your outdoor space. We will dispose of waste following correct procedures for recycling and dumping.

It doesn’t take long to accumulate green waste once you start gardening. We can remove weeds, branches, palm fronds, lawn clippings, pot plants, shrubs and more.

You may find yourself with a disused garden shed, cubby house or even a clothes line that needs removing. Large items will need to be cut up or dismantled for removal. Depending on the item, disposal fees will apply.

Weed Control

Weeds left unattended to in a garden can take over other plants and look unsightly. They also take water and nutrients away from your lawn and other plants and can also survive in tough, dry conditions and reproduce quickly.

The best way to remove weeds is to tackle them while they are young before they flower and set seed, creating future generations of weeds to contend with. Generally hand pulling of weeds in garden beds or use of a non-selective herbicide will take care of your problem in hard to access areas like garden paths.

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